EP010: Meet Mrs. Compassionate Balance – Amy Colvin

Amy is changing the world through self-acceptance, self-appreciation and compassion for self and others.
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From the best selling book:
Life Through The Eyes Of A Smile
7 actions you can take today to IMPROVE YOUR LIFE.
My gift to you for free.

[3:00] – How do we deal with negative emotions?
[5:30] – Dealing with situational depression
[7:10] – Own, wear and embrace your emotions
[10:10] – Let go of the future
[13:10] – Bad hair days
[15:40] – Making common sense, common practice
[17:20] – Are you breathing?
[19:55] – A breathing exercise
[23:35] – Are you reacting or responding?
[25:55] – Unskilled behavior comes from unmet needs
[30:00] – Being comfortable in your own skin
[32:00] – The greatest gift you can give yourself
[33:50] – Finding value in yourself
[37:30] – Small tasks in your day
[39:50] – Amy’s weapon of mass happiness

Life Through The Eyes Of A Smile is the only life worth pursuing – Calvin Simpson