EP011: Finding Your Story – with Chris Spurvey

Chris is changing the world by enabling sales mentalities in entrepreneurs. Connect with him below and learn first-hand how to be confident in sales. If you have something that is of value to the world, it is your responsibility to sell it 🙂
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From the best selling book:
Life Through The Eyes Of A Smile
7 actions you can take today to IMPROVE YOUR LIFE.
My gift to you for free.

[01:33] – Your story can bring immense value to other people
[03:30] – What’s my story?
[06:06] – Self Awareness
[06:40] – Creative interpretation of past events
[07:19] – You have a choice today
[08:30] – Be the Super Agent
[09:51] – Know your purpose and goal
[11:30] – Reflect on your Day
[12:23] – Have your happy place
[15:00] – Vision and Goal Setting
[16:47] – Definition of Success
[17:37] – Get rid of the things that are holding us back
[19:03] – Relaxed State
[20:00] – Theme of our Lives
[21:00] – Jumping into Sales
[24:15] – Personal Brand
[26:58] – Find a Mentor
[28:48] – Be grateful with what you have

Life Through The Eyes Of A Smile is the only life worth pursuing – Calvin Simpson