EP013: Success Comes From Failure – with Jay Wong

Jay is changing the world by modeling excellence and choosing the right mindset. Connect with him below and learn first-hand on how to create your own blueprint. Big ideas are always deemed impossible before people crazy enough to do them actually do them. 🙂
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From the best selling book:
Life Through The Eyes Of A Smile
7 actions you can take today to IMPROVE YOUR LIFE.
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[01:40] – How do I create the life that I want?
[03:07] – Create your own blueprint
[04:40] – Learning something from everyone
[06:10] – Creator’s mindset
[08:17] – You have to create everyday
[09:01] – You have to constantly experiment
[10:45] – Two things that are constantly happening
[12:05] – Precursor of success
[13:55] – Failures are the best stories
[18:22] – Impossible is just a 10 letter word
[20:20] – Modeling excellence
[21:45] – What is your mindset?
[22:35] – Reframing
[24:39] – The word “should”
[25:35] – Stop thinking and start doing
[26:22] – Do something that is different
[27:55] – Taking gratitude to another level

Life Through The Eyes Of A Smile is the only life worth pursuing – Calvin Simpson