Ep005: Meet Mrs. Calculated – Katheryn Plaza

Katheryn is a calculated creative who helps professionals unlock their potential through facilitated growth sessions. Follow Katheryn for tips on how to take your thinking to the next level!
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In college Katheryn was pushed into the position of being the student club president in her final year. This was her first real endeavour into entrepreneurship and a life defining experience at that. Katheryn graduated in the peak of a hiring boom and remembers local convenience stores offering 1000 signing bonuses. She saw the graduation period differently than most. Instead of having to tell employers why they were so great she determined that employers should be reaching out to them to showcase why their company cultures were the best. The career opportunities handbook was born. This book contained advertisements from companies who were hiring and highlighted why workers should choose them in their career hunt. Katheryn spent a lot of time talking to executives putting this book together and they saw a go-getter in her. This lead to many 6 figure job offers, unfortunately though none of these jobs sparked any passion within her. She turned down these offers and went to work on cruise ships and never questioned her intuition.

Katheryn has found a theme in her life over the years, she will find something she wants to do and then find a way to get paid to do it. How did she then get paid to be on a cruise ship? She began calculating. What could she be doing on a ship? Well they have casinos on. She then went to local casinos and said you need to train me because I am going to be working on a ship. They looked at her like she was crazy and then fast tracked her through the program. She took the summer off deciding to start working on ships in September, although the ships had no idea of this at the time. They said they would come to Canada and kept pushing it off. The last time they pushed it off she said no, I am going to be working in the fall. She showed up at the carnival head office in Miami and asked to speak to the HR manager who she had been corresponding with for a while. Of the 3 days she was in the office that month Katheryn had guessed correctly and although the HR manager was not ready to interviews she still managed to move Katheryn through the process and had the distinct advantage of meeting many of the executive on board the ship.

What was going through your mind when flying down to Miami? Katheryn is a big advocate of the universe working for you. She had just made a friend who lived in Miami and who offered a visit anytime she needed. After returning form vacation she found the casino had made a mistake and left her unscheduled for one more week. She had the time off and a new contact in Miami. She flew to Miami the next day and the rest is history. Have faith in your own abilities, understanding you will make wrong decisions but you will make more of the right ones along the way. While you are in the moment a bad decision can really get you down whereas in hindsight, it is rarely a bad choice. Typically, you will look back and see learnings and be thankful it went wrong where it did because it went right after in other places.

Public speaking was an area Katheryn had no confidence in before and surprise, surprise this was now in her job description; every 20 minutes! At the start she would go into the elevator shaft and make announcements in order to ease the fear of being on the mic. She slowly got over this fear as time went on, getting into a comfortable zone with these messages. After this comfort was built Katheryn transitioned into unique and fun filled messages; a stark difference from hiding in stairwells. The next role left Katheryn now making ship wide announcements and the exact same fear crept in. On the topic of fear and nerves: Pushing nerves is all about building confidence and improving on yourself. Your fear is a natural part of your body telling you that you are in danger. Nerves are when butterflies come into the picture; nothing bad is going to happen, control and face the nerves. Success to Katheryn is experiencing nerves every single day, this means she is growing. If you do not have nerves, then you are not growing. Learn to reframe nerves by dissecting tasks into small manageable pieces. Take time right now to think: What is a big change you are fearing? Now what is the smallest action you can take to take you closer to that end goal. Now perform it.

Is there anything you are doing right now that scares you? Married 6 weeks ago, trigger for big change, moving away from her facilitation job at TEC. Does not have full clarity moving forward and that is ok. Transition periods are some of her favorite times.
On the topic of seeing what people are doing then doing different as a general rule of thumb: You must stand out in your own field to be different and garner attention. How do you stand out? When Oprah started her own network Katheryn thought: this is where I need to be. She created a job on her LinkedIn that said future blank at the Oprah Winfrey network. After connecting with 300+ people she decided it was not right, she still connected with 300 people having conversations with many of them.

Katheryn once purchased a google AdWord for someone she was trying to get the attention of. People google their own names once a month or more. When they googled their name it would pop up: Hey Joe, we need to chat, saw it three times and called her. You have to be unique to get in front of high profile people.

What advice do you give to someone having a bad day? Give yourself permission to check-out or cool down. Katheryn has a 2 day rebound rate, after 2 days she can move forward and take action. Trying to act and move forward within these days is often more detrimental than just relaxing and staying away from the issue at hand.

Katheryn uses the following exercise when she wants to move past conflict with someone – When someone gets under your skin, pull yourself out of the situation, create a list from their perspective of why they are pissed off about you. This reframe helps put yourself into perspective and become empathetic to their positioning. Next create a list of why you like them. During the rebound days set the intention for your future conversation together. Make sure your intention is not to prove you are right instead, prove your relationship with the person comes number 1.

What has brought the biggest smile to your face in the past week? This podcast. When anyone comes to you for the knowledge you have it is a large compliment and proof you are doing something right.

In my hands I have a weapon of mass happiness, what does it shoot? Self-love which comes from self-awareness. Truly, inherently from your core that you love yourself. True happiness comes from within, if you are not truly happy with yourself you are not going to reach your maximum potential.

What tips do you have for someone trying to find self-awareness? What did you do as a kid? Before the world told you, you weren’t enough. When you were a kid it was all based around play. If you can tap back into this skill you are going to get back in tune with your true authentic-self. Have fun in your day. It is impossible to roll down a hill and not have fun. At a recent party Katheryn went in a bouncy house and thought to herself: When have I been this free? Laughing and not worrying what you look like and just playing. This is what we should strive to experience in our days.

Life Through The Eyes Of A Smile is the only life worth pursuing – Calvin