Ep003: Meet Coach Mike – Mike Skrypnek

Mike is a philanthropic planner and coach on a life-long journey of creating positive change. Follow Mike for tips on how to take your life to the next level!
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Mike at this time just added 130k to charity which equals 8.7 million dollars in the last 4.5 years! This is redirected wealth away from CRA by 3.5 million dollars. This gets Mike going, it is his jam and it comes through loud and clear listening to his voice.

On the topic of turning points and changes in life: Mike had a revelation in 2008. Managing capital was not enough, he wanted to connect it with a deeper purpose. He woke up too many days in a row thinking there must be more to this. This was a moment of transition. Transition forces people to take inventory of what they have done, who they are and where they are at. In these transition times is where we really look to our passion with a deep desire to leap into it. The challenge with following a passion is finding an ability to pay the bills. Following your passion can make you broke! When you do what you love and make this clear to customers you will be able to create revenue. It is not however a field of dreams; you do not just build it and they come, it takes a lot of planning. This is where you must connect your passion with a purpose.

Passion is your why. Passion is why you wake up and do what you do.

Purpose is your what or where the rubber hits the road. Connect your what and why and you have an ability to pay the bills.

Everyone needs to understand their right sized life. For some this is having just enough money to make it to the ski hill the next day. For some it is billions. Understand this and design your life this way. What is right for someone else will not always be right for you.

Is large scale crisis required to change your path in life? Crisis is not required on a large scale. Crisis is often seen as a negative. Crisis does not have to be a negative, it can be a turning point. Such as a decision that this is not the direction I choose to go. Do not be fooled by magic pills and the allure of overnight success. Success does not happen by accident it is the product of positioning over decades.

A case study on crisis involving Mikes daughter transitioning from Soccer to kickboxing. Mike wondered: do you have to have a bad upbringing to be a mean streak? What mike is learning is that this is not the case. Focusing on core skills, learning from others and continual dedication is the key to being a good fighter.

On the topic of re-inventing yourself. RE-invent is dramatic and not deserved in this context. Glacial is re-inventing. By the time your audience thinks you have re-invented it has taken a long time. When you dig into it all it was all a slow evolution. It comes down to people gravitating to what they do best and making a go of it. There is something magical about what you do the best. When you do what you were born to do.

What does it feel like? Mike connects this to athletes. The most sensory moment when it all works is when magic occurs. This is when you have success (personal success, not win-lose).

What brought the biggest smile to your face recently? This happens daily in his strategic financial role. Just recently someone who at best could donate 500$ a year now just gifted 130k to charity. Recently Mikes Grandma passed away and he was asked to speak at her funeral in commemoration, sharing and crystallizing who she was. This was Mike at his best.

How do you put life planning into perspective at a young age? We have a lack of understanding past 5 years, we have no real relevance in our lives. The advice is to copy great. Find the example of who you want to become and start doing what they have done. The stronger you can visualize your future state the harder you will work towards it.

When did you start coaching and what advice can you give to someone who is thinking of getting a coach? Mike has always gravitated to coaching due to the sporting background. Inherently this is what he has done all of his life. Knowledge, experience and learning is accelerated when using a coach. Accountability and brutal honest is key when finding a coach. Find people who you feel comfortable with and do not take advice from people who have not been paid, or who have not accelerated where you want to grow.

Mike is not a psychologist but I stayed at a holiday inn express last night.

What does your weapon of mass happiness shoot? It shoots gratitude. Gratitude for those around us, what they have given us and how they support us. Gratitude for who you are and what you have done. We need to spend time in zones of gratitude.

How do you get a day going the right way when it is going bad? Reflect on happy moments of the past. Keep these thoughts stored and always be adding reasons to celebrate to this. If you are really struggling, say thank you to someone who helped you recently. Say thank you to someone for serving you at a restaurant, holding a door for you or just simply doing something nice for you.

Life Through The Eyes Of A Smile is the only life worth pursuing – Calvin