Ep001: Meet Mr. Bigger Faster Stronger Happier – Tyler Chisholm

Tyler is not only a student of life but also an avid teacher. Follow him on all of his social media for tips on how to take your life to the next level.
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Meeting weirdos – Aren’t these people the most interesting though? No one goes home at the end of the day and tells their spouse/ family about the ordinary people they met that day. Embrace meeting new people and forget about all the worries that come alongside the territory. Sure some meetings may be boring and a waste of your time however, if you take a genuine interest in learning who the person on the other side of the coffee table is.

You cannot see the label from inside the bottle (you cannot accurately judge your actions). Bring mentors, friends and coaches into your life who can give you critical advice. The shorter and more succinct the feedback loop is on your performance the faster you will advance in your activity. Pair this with meeting weirdos above and you have the recipe to build your support crew!

A bucket list in constant evolution. There is a list somewhere and it is less about a list and more about a drive to experience all life has to offer. Tyler has learned from the past that things are only a conduit to happiness not the end point and strives to create a experience based list. You will not see Tyler buying a new snowmobile to fulfill a bucket list item, instead he will rent the piece of equipment to experience the desire then move on. What about your bucket list? Big or small, what have you done lately that you have been wanting to do for a long time? Heck, I rode rollerblades the other day after 7 years and it was a blast. Why not look at a bucket list as more of a rotating weekly/ monthly list of things you think are cool to do.

Life turning points and gaining sub-conscious buy-in to make a life change. We cover one of Tyler’s early turning points when his family took a vacation and he could not go. Tyler spent a weekend in Canmore looking at his own belief system and the actions that were in-line with this old system because he felt something was off in his life. “I have been given a set of beliefs, they just aren’t working for me.” Check out “The craft of the warrior” by Robert spencer to place yourself into Tyler’s mind at this time. Written on last page of his copy you will find “The journey begins…” book.
CodeOfCool – The code of cool is all about moving yourself forward into who you want to become using an internal code of ethics. What do you see as right and wrong in this world, regardless of the social norm. Be true to the best version of yourself.

The quest to always improve: Be happy where you are and know you can always do better. Not I will only be happy once I do better. Make sure your pursuit of self improvement is not at the compromise of happiness. Slow gradual changes in life are the best changes; take steps not leaps. Operate with a conscious effort to create more balance. Ask Tyler’s wife, Tyler without hobbies is not as fun to be around.

Filling up the conscious mind is a secret to recharging the batteries and increasing output. Think of this as if you leave work and are continuously connected to your phone until morning without becoming engaged in any other task. You never truly leave work and you never truly have the opportunity to recharge your batteries. Hop on a longboard or onto a speed-bike and you have no other choice but to fill your conscious mind with the task at hand.

Fill your life with worthy adversaries. As we know from above, we cannot see the label from within the bottle. Find people you are ok to be challenged by and encourage them to give you feedback.

Find networking and life support groups. A key point in Tyler’s progression is when he joined TEC Canada. In this group everyone comes to a table with a shared purpose: to help each other out. Tyler thought he had a gap in his business skills, instead the gap was actually in worthy adversaries. Do you have nerves that you are not as smart as everyone else in the room? Perhaps you do not belong? This is called imposter syndrome and we all have it . A speaker came into TEC one day and asked this question to the room “Who here is afraid they will be found out for not being as smart as they actually are?” Over half the room raised their hands and surely the other half had the thought as well.

In hindsight nothing is a big deal, but at the time it seems massive. If you have a big event coming up think 5 years down the road, will it really be that big of a event in life? Probably not, this will help ease the nerves you are having in the moment. Pair this with thinking of how many other things are going on at that exact same time and you will begin to see your experience is pretty small in the big picture of things.

For the next month write down the things/ behaviours in life that frustrate you every day. Create some optics in your life and become self aware of what behaviours lead up to the frustration. Also, make note of the things that make you proud to be yourself. Through the exercise you will begin to see where you can make change and where you should be celebrating yourself.

Tyler’s weapon of mass happiness shoots- Acceptance. When we are hard on ourselves we are hard on others around us. How high are we setting the bars in our lives? Too high perhaps? Keep in mind the rule of stretch. Get it right 70% of the time and you stick with it. Get it right 100% of the time and it is boring. 30% of the time and you are way too hard on yourself which has a ripple effect out to those around you.
Advice you can give someone having a bad day: Choose to have a good day. Create a break state or pattern interrupt to do this. Are you in the office completely engaged into a task that has been doing nothing but going wrong? Get outside and do something that will make you forget about it all! As usual, when you come back to the task at hand it is half as bad as it used to be.

Life Through The Eyes Of A Smile is the only life worth pursuing  – Calvin