EP008: Meet Mr. Community – Mike Wolf

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Mike had a goal to become a surfer dude after 25 rental properties and he achieved this goal then went into depression. When you do it for vacation it is fun but you need to do bigger things with your life, exercise your brain and have some sort of purpose. When he was young he was naïve thinking his brain had an off switch.

The currency Mike uses to measure his life is no longer currency, is now happiness.

7:00 – Do you have a moment where you thought, hey this is not what I want to do with my life? I need to make a change? When he was younger he measured everything by money. Well he got lots of money, worked 24/7 and had no life. It didn’t bother him at the time because he thought well this is what I have to do, this is what is prescribed culturally as the good life. What our parents tell us is: “You can be good at anything you put your mind to”. Well, I don’t agree with that. I believe we are all born with certain gifts and when we learn what these gifts are and put our mind to them there is a lot less stress.

830 – 4 years ago Mike’s emphasis on work put him in a wheel chair. Having his daughter push him around Puerto Vallarta for her birthday was a point in his life that shocked him into needing a change. If you don’t have your health it does not matter how much money you have in the bank. Mike is now a Vegan.

9:50 – Sometimes the biggest and worst things that happen to us, the largest challenges in our life, quite often are the best things that happen to us in life.

10:20 – To evolve and change is a very important part of life. Mike loves change, it is powerful and important to create change. After New Orleans, Mike went down to help out after the storm selling houses below market value which was a loss to his books. This did not matter as the sense of fulfillment Mike got from this project made it one of his most memorable times in his life.

The fancy car’s and boats are all temporary. You buy the boat and then a few moths later your neighbor buys a better boat. Mike used to have everything you could ever imagine and now he does not car about that stuff, he cares about experience. When Mike was much younger he went travelling the world with his wife and daughter which meant he had to put a lot of stuff in storage. While he was putting it all away he wondered how he could ever go without. On return two years later he wanted none of it, it had no more meaning to him. He realized spending time with family was so much more important going from a “collector of nice things” to a minimalist. If Mike can’t take it with him travelling, he does not want it.

13:00 – Mike has found out over the years that we can do a lot of things we don’t think we can do. Mike now has a goal to get financial literacy taught in schools. This is much bigger than he thought he could ever possibly do. All the best stuff happens when you are out of your comfort zone. Every time you step out of your comfort zone allows you to do something even bigger the next time. He used to look at people and think “I could never do that”. Now he has realized he actually can. Accept change, keep evolving and figure out what your legacy is going to be and who you need to show up as to make that happen.

16:50 – What do you want your legacy to be Mike? I want my legacy to be one of helping other’s get through the journey I took. From being depressed and suicidal for a 6 month period to helping others achieve financial literacy. I want to help others change their perspective of “money is everything” to one that places the utmost importance on happiness and to remove un-needed stress from their life. I want to teach people how to make passive income so they have more time to travel, be with family, and focus on their health.

17:30 – What separates the successful people from the not so successful is, getting up once you have been knocked down, learning and pushing through it. Think “What did I get from this incident?” and move forward.

19:10 – I have been deep in depression and I have moved through it. Now that I have been in tough situations and moved through them I have faith that I will move through them again and I have faith that you will as well. It took me 8 months to realize that if I am willing to kill myself I have nothing to lose by going outside and doing whatever it takes to pull me out of it. #1 have faith that you will move through it, and #2 hang out with positive people. People that will bring you up. Growing up I hung out with a lot of negative people. There are a lot of people who want to rain on your parade because they have no parade of their own. There are some people that I truly feel like having bad things happen tot hem. They thrive on complaining about things. Find people in your life who want to help you, who are positive. These people are abundance minded and will help you if you are down. That’s why I am on this podcast, I want to help other people now. One of the reasons you are going through things in your life is to move through it and be able to help others in the same situation. That is a really big lesson I have learned.

22:00 – A lot of people look at my life and think I want what you have Mike. But a lot of those people do not understand the lows I have been through. You need to embrace and learn from the lows to create the best version of yourself.

22:50 – What advice can you give to someone having a bad day? You are in control of your day. If you have a relative pass away, you should feel sad, but if you wake up sad everyday going to work you need to start thinking how do I change this? A lot of people call me up and say I want to get rich quick. I have been in the game a long time and I still don’t know how to get rich quick. It is like planting a seed, it is not going to be a tree over night, you need to water it and focus on its growth over time. Start making changes, even if they seem really small at the time. Just figure out a way to start and always be progressing forward. People over-estimate what they can do in a year and way under-estimate what they can do in 5. Quit worrying about the short term and start worrying about the long term.

25:00 What does your weapon of mass happiness shoot? Freedom. Having the freedom to explore and experiment in life to find out what makes you happiest. Mike’s life has been all about experimenting and finding out what makes him happy over the years. Quite often the things we think will make us happy are actually making us sad. When Mike went to Thailand for the first time he saw these people who were happy, although they did not know where their next meal was. We have everything we could imagine here, yet we spend most of our time working jobs we don’t like, stuck in traffic and being miserable because of the things we don’t have. If you are in a bad mood go and volunteer at a soup kitchen. Mike has yet to meet someone who volunteers and doesn’t feel happy for it after. This is something when he was younger that took time to learn.

Life Through The Eyes Of A Smile is the only life worth pursuing – Calvin Simpson